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Suffer from back pain? We can help.

Call today and get the back pain relief

you deserve. 


Over time, the back takes quite a bit of abuse.  Think about it, it is a pretty amazing structure that can twist, bend over, and even bend backward.  It is literally on every axis. Whether you sit in a chair all day, stand on cement or walk a lot, your back can get out of place. Maybe you were in an accident.  Or had a slip and fall that causes a slip in the back. Life throws a lot of punches but having a good Chiropractor helps.


Your back is basically made up of bones called vertebrae, fascia, disks that are the cushions between the bones and your spinal cord that runs up the center of it.  Pinched nerves happen when bones get dislodged. Getting your back adjusted can put the bone back into the location it was meant to be. This takes the pressure off these pinched nerves or discs. Which will help relieve the pain the patient is experiencing.  Simple manipulations done by hand makes a big difference for most patients.


As the bones move, the discs can become dislodged and painful as well.  Threw manual manipulation a chiropractor helps get those discs and bones in the right place.  One visit is sometimes enough. However, often times it takes a series of visits to ensure that the bone stays put.


Fascia is the connective tissue around the bones and muscles.  This is being studied more and more in recent years. Fascia is sometimes the very reason for pain.  As the bone slips or muscles pulls the fascia in a way it's not meant to, your body will feel pain. This is seen a lot in headaches and shoulder pain.  Getting a chiropractic adjustment can help with alleviating some of this unnecessary pulling from a slipped vertebra.


Chiropractors treat the body as a whole.  So, sometimes where you are feeling pain, it is not where your back is out.  The fascia is often the cause of this as well as gravity. For example, you may be having lower back pain.  But the pain is actually due to your head shifting forward from looking down. This lower back pain is coming from the neck region.  This is because it is trying to hold the head up in an unnatural position. Gravity takes hold of the head and continues to pull it even more forward.  This gives the spine an unnatural arch. A Chiropractor helps get that arch back into the spine for better posture. This helps reduce the strain on the lower back.  This reduced strain allows the patient to feel relief from the pain.


Look at the Body as a Whole

The entire body is a whole unit with the spine connecting it together.  Chiropractors take a look at your spine and posture. From there they determine what adjustments should be done to help you reach your optimal spinal curvatures.  This will allow for better blood flow and reduced pain. Manual manipulation combined with myofascial release helps relieve that tense fascia to allow the bones to stay in their proper place.

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