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How Chiropractic Care Can Help With Shoulder Pain

How Chiropractic Care Can Help With Shoulder Pain

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How chiropractic care can help with shoulder pain

Our shoulder plays a vital role in the majority of our daily activities and happens to be one of the most important joints within our system. However, the shoulder is likewise quite injury prone and our ability to make movements is hindered to a large extent by an injured or painful shoulder. It becomes quite challenging for us to perform some simple chores like reaching the cabinet, climbing the ladder, and so on.


Common Shoulder Conditions

One of the most significant causes of shoulder pain happens to be rotator cuff tendonitis. The rotator cuff actually consists of as many as 4 muscles, which help to keep the shoulder in the proper socket while allowing our arm to make movements. However, these muscles can be easily stretched or injured because of the mobility of our shoulder. This results in tendinitis once the bones on the shoulder’s ridge affect the rotator cuff muscle’s tendons. Whenever tendons are being compressed or rubbed by the bone, it becomes inflated causing significant discomfort. If not properly treated, the problem might aggravate in future resulting in persistent pain.


One more shoulder condition happens to be shoulder bursitis. A bursa sac is present in between the joints for providing cushioning, as well as facilitating smooth movement. Once our shoulder becomes somewhat misaligned, excessive pressure can be exerted on the sac leading to inflammation as well as discomfort. If not treated quickly, this bursa sac can become calcified causing tremendous agony.


How Chiropractic Care Can Help With Shoulder Pain

A chiropractor is known to treat our shoulder’s biomechanical issues. We might suffer from the abovementioned conditions in case the shoulder does not work in the correct biomechanical order. A chiropractor is going to conduct a comprehensive examination and the patient might be required to undergo x-rays so as to rule out any dislocated or even fractured shoulder. This examination will enable the physician to verify whether there is any calcium deposit or any other structural problem that might be triggering the shoulder pain.


Once other things including dislocations and fractures have been ruled out, a wide array of treatment options will be available to these medical practitioners. Amongst the most typical treatments, mention may be made of the working of muscles, so as to stretch the fibers of the rotary cuff’s muscles. This usually includes myofascial release techniques or light massage techniques. The muscles are able to relax along with the scar tissues, thus helping in proper and smooth movement. Although chiropractic adjustments might not be entailed for most types of shoulder pain, the patient can opt for them if required.


These chiropractors are often believed to be back doctors who are qualified to treat injuries to many parts of our body. In case you’re struggling with persistent shoulder pain, there is a possibility for you to suffer from an accumulation of scar tissue, some sort of misalignment or an overstretched tendon. You can always depend on a chiropractor to heal your shoulder pain permanently without any kind of painkillers or surgical procedures.

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