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In case you are suffering from headaches or migrains, you are not alone in that. At the moment, millions of people complain about head pain. Let’s look at the various types of headaches that are affecting people. There are about two types of headaches but we will look at migraines in detail. This type of headache is caused by the change in blood flow in your body. The change in blood flow can be also be caused by the change in climate, hormonal imbalance, foods, and smelling of certain fumes.


Migraines can occur in both adults and children. If you have a teen girl or boy, you will realize that they suffer from Migraines before they reach their puberty stage. It is also to note that women suffer more from Migraines than men. Attack from Migraines can stop you from being active due to chronic pain hence forcing you to stay in bed.


There are several symptoms that you can detect before experiencing Migraines. Some of them include nausea, giddiness, and change vision power. The good this is that there is a remedy for this and this how chiropractic care can help with headaches and migrain pain.


One of the processes that are conducted at Bethesda Chiropractic includes adjusting of the spine and the neck. Manipulating the spine reduce or even eliminates irritation of nerves thus encouraging smooth vascular flow. It is good to note that all types of headaches can be caused by compression of spinal nerves. The compression blocks the blood vessels and nerves that transport blood to the head. Any misalignment of the spinal bones can lead to artery and nerve contraction leading to headaches.


If you take painkillers under such conditions, you will lower the pain but the main cause of the pain will still remain. With Bethesda Chiropractic care, the cause of chronic headaches and migrain pain is determined. We will treat the cause of the problem rather than symptoms and conditions. In short, they will eliminate the whole problem instead of covering it up. These experts will use natural and safe methods to handle your headache. For instance, they can use massage with light finger pressure to trigger the required therapy.


The chiropractors from Bethesda Chiropractic care may opt to use trigger point therapy which is very common these days. This therapy is done by applying some light pressure on the muscle knots that are located on the head, neck or middle back. Once the pressure is applied, it is increased slowly for about six seconds. The pressure is then released from the muscles fiber.


If you visit Bethesda Chiropractic care today, you will note that stretches and muscle movement can reduce and cure a chronic headache and migrain pains. They will train you on how to turn and stretch your neck from left to right and do some counting exercises. If you repeat that simple practice for some time, you will release the pressure from the blood that connects the head. To conclude, Bethesda Chiropractic is the right place for you to get treatment for your painful head pain conditions.

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