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How Chiropractic Care Can Help With Hip And Pelvic Pain

How Chiropractic Care Can Help With Hip And Pelvic Pain

Chiropractic Care can help a lot in contributing to your pain relief from Pelvic and Hip Pain and lets you get back to doing your normal daily routine. Hip Pain is felt in your socket joints that connect with your thigh bones. Pelvic Pain can be felt in your lower back and tailbone.



Hip Pain can be caused by Hip Misalignment. What are the causes for your hips to be out of alignment? This happens when your joints have been injured or had been overused and these occurrences have resulted into pain and inflammation. If there is misalignment, you will have incorrect movement patterns that is not your regular distinctive flow of motion. Also, your joints will be more prone to extra frictions or forces. Moreover, hips that are not aligned properly will cause you many more discomforts, such as pain at your lower back, shoulders, knees and ankles and could accelerate into more serious injuries in the future.

Your Chiropractor will conduct an examination to determine the exact location of your hip pain and what is really causing it. He will evaluate your lumbar spine, your pelvic bones, your joints and your hip socket. When the Chiropractor is sure of the source of your hip pain, he will design a personalized treatment plan that will have as inclusions Chiropractic adjustments, exercise therapy, massage and stretching.



Pelvic Pain is felt in the lower back and your tailbone which has also an important weight bearing role. One common cause of Pelvic Pain is Pelvic Misalignment. It happens when the pelvis rotates backward, making the front to rise and the back to drop down. The hip flexors are also lengthened and the hip extensors are shortened. Events or activities like giving birth, sitting for long periods of time, poor posture, and inactivity all can be causes of Pelvic Misalignment or Pelvic Tilt.

How will you know if you have pelvic tilt? You might notice that the muscles in your pelvis and thigh frontage are tight, while the muscles at the back are weak. Your abdominal and gluteus muscles might also be weakened. And you will experience lower back pain.

Chiropractic Care is extremely important with women who just conceived. If they received this care either before and after giving birth, they will be relieved from extreme pain which could be due to pelvic misalignment. Chiropractic Care is not only about merely addressing the symptoms but also effecting treatment for the main cause of the complications.

How does the Chiropractor treat the Misalignd Pelvis? He will try to uncover undetected scoliosis, muscular tightening or simply a general misalignment. From this diagnosis, the chiropractor will fix it through exercises and stretches that will loosen your muscles and he might also execute spinal manipulations to guide each vertebra back to their rightful place. These are all professionally done and you should never try these treatments at home by yourself.

One danger also of untreated Pelvic Misalignment is it can lead to Sciatica. It is pain that runs down on the back of one of your thighs or glutes and will make you suffer severely, making you wish that you visited your Chiropractor much earlier.

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