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Bethesda is a beautiful US city, located in Montgomery County in Maryland. It was named like this after a local church, which was established in the area in 1820. Bethesda is a lively small town, with approximately 62,000 residents and it is considered to be one of the best educated and affluent places in the country. Bethesda is a census designated place with a rich and long history.


History of Bethesda, Maryland

Early settlers in this area were Indian farmers who settled in Bethesda by paying their rent in tobacco. At first this small town was just a rural way station, which was used by people who transported various products and tobacco from Rockville to Georgetown and other local areas. Soon the Indians pushed away to the West and by the last quarter of the 17th century the English settles began to make their living from the huge forests. During the next century farmers carried tobacco and wheat through the railway, in order to make money.


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18th Century: First Commercial Establishment

During the next century, a small tavern was built near the railway station and served as a stop for passengers. The tavern was built out of stone and offered food and lodging facilities for those who traveled many miles to sell their products. Actually this tavern was the first 'shop' that helped the area to flourish and prosper. More farmers began to build their homes in the area, in order to find prosperous fields of corn and wheat and they used the railroad to transport their products to Washington markets.


19th Century: The Beginning of Prosperity

Even though Bethesda was still a small village during the 19th century it began to prosper. Until then, the town had one church, one post, a blacksmith shops, as well as some houses and just one community school. Until 1890 the city remained like this, but with the introduction of the streetcar, it started growing. In 1891 the trolley arrived and the local farmers had all the necessary means to carry several products in their small country. Bethesda started to grow and many developers came to the city to find better ways in real estate. As a result, new residents settled in the city and more shops began to flourish in the area. From these humble beginnings, Bethesda has actually managed to become a bigger city. the trolley helped the city to flourish and become a rich small town in the whole area. In 1891 the Bethesda Park opened its gates for the first time and became one of the best and most amazing entertainment spots in the whole area.


By the 20th century the town grew: it consisted of many shops, various restaurants, parks, post offices and many more. Today Bethesda houses the Congressional Country Club, which is one of the most famous county clubs in the whole world. It’s also home of the Bethesda Community Club (which operates the Bethesda Big Train) and the Burning Tree Club and it also to a summer college baseball team. It also has several schools, churches, post offices and many shops.

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