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Why You Should Visit A Chiropractor During Pregnancy

Chiropractic care can help keep you healthy at any time of your life, but it can be especially important at times when your body is under more stress. And pregnancy can put an enormous amount of strain on your body. After all, you are growing a whole new person in there. Chiropractic care is a safe way of relieving the aches and pains associated with pregnancy, especially in the later stages. Not only that, but it can also help you to have a quicker birth with fewer complications.

Is chiropractic care safe during pregnancy?

This is a question many people ask, and thankfully, yes, chiropractic care is safe throughout a healthy pregnancy. It is worth checking with your physician before you see a chiropractor because some rare health conditions will mean that chiropractic care may not be a good option for you.

Why you should visit a chiropractor during pregnancy

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is good for you and it is good for your unborn baby, All chiropractors will be trained to deliver prenatal chiropractic care, but some chiropractors specialize in that area and there might be one near you.

1) Relief from back and pelvis pain

Pain is common in pregnancy, especially in the later stages. There are two main reasons for this. First, your growing belly can cause postural changes, spinal misalignment, and an increased curve in your back. This can put extra strain on your lower back and can leave you in a lot of pain. A chiropractor can help to realign your spine and improve your posture to stand in the optimal upright position, which will put less strain on your back.

Second, pregnancy triggers the release of a hormone called relaxin. This hormone triggers the ligaments in your pelvis to relax in preparation for the birthing process. Unfortunately, the hormone doesn't just relax the ligaments in your pelvis, it relaxes every ligament in your body. This can leave you prone to injury and pain. A chiropractor will be able to ease the pain associated with the softening of your ligaments and will be able to realign any area that has moved out of alignment.

2) Helping baby get into the right position

For your birth to be as pain-free and simple as possible, the baby must move into the right position (this happens at the very end of your pregnancy). The ideal position is for the baby to be head down and rear-facing. If the baby is feet down, this is known as a breech position and it can lead to an emergency cesarean. If the baby is forward-facing, this can put a lot of pressure on your spine and can cause the birthing process to be very painful. A chiropractor can help align your pelvis to make it as easy as possible for your baby to get into the correct position for birth and reduce the likelihood of pre-term delivery, meconium-stained amniotic fluid use of devices such as forceps, and cesarean delivery.

Chiropractic care is usually safe during pregnancy and can reduce back and pelvis pain. It can also help your baby to get into the best position for birth, which reduces the likelihood of birth complications arising.

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