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Bethesda, Maryland may not be the first name that comes to mind when you think about dream destinations
for a vacation, but this little town has plenty to offer. Located just outside of DC it's worth spending a day or
two checking out the sights and enjoying what Bethesda has to offer. Bethesda is a suburb of DC located
about 7 miles from Downtown. It is a fairly exclusive neighbourhood and is a lovely place to spend a few
days if you want a break from DC. It's got a number of parks and museums close by, so it's easy to take in
the sights.

We've got the top attractions in Bethesda below:

This is probably the number one thing listed on any list of things to do in Bethesda and with good reason. It's
been up and running for the last thirty years and offers affordable performances at the Bethesda Music
Center. It offers music performances from any genre, so depsite having the feeling of being a classic music
venue (which it is as well) don't be surprised to find all types of music on offer as well as spoken word
poetry, workshops and talks. It really is a wonderful not-for-profit and you can see why it's so beloved by the
Check out the program before you visit, so you won't miss any shows that pique your interest!


KID Museum
One for the kids (as you probably already guessed!) the KID Muesum is worth checking out if you've got the
time. Rather than offering children the usual standard museum experience, at the KID the focus is on
interactive experiences and allowing children to figure out things for themselves. It offers interactive classes
and workshops and your kids will probaby be so engrossed in their projects you won't hear them complain
the whole time, giving you some much needed peace and quiet.


Capitol Crescent
If the day is looking good, spend some time walking or cycling around the Capitol Crescent! It's a paved trail
and it's flat almost the whole way, so this is a good activity for the whole family. The Capitol Crescent Trail
is a 7 mile trail that takes you all the way from Bethesda to downtown DC (if you want to do the whole
thing). Alternatively, it's easy enough to start from Bethesda and keep going until you find a nice spot to
stop! If you've taken too many photos of too many monuments in downtown, this could be the perfect detox
to get you a bit closer to nature.

Cabin John Regional Park
This one is a bit further north, but worth the trip, especially on a nice day. Enjoy a whole day out here and
take in the sights and sounds of the Northeast. If you go on one of the hiking trails you will really be able to
appreciate the forests and the trees that would have dominated the whole area when the first Europeans
arrived. Take a picnic and breath in some of that fresh air! Alternatively if you are more interested in sports,
the Cabin John Regional Park has plenty of options - spend a few hours shooting hoops or playing volleyball!


There are plenty of other things to do - there's a thriving restaurant scene in Bethesda that's you have to
check out! - and it's always nice to spend a day or two without being surrounded by hoardes of tourists. So
don't forget to add Bethesda, Maryland to your itineray when you next make a stop in the capital!

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